Leicester's New Walk towers topple in amazing controlled explosion

Leicester's New Walk Towers have been razed to the ground in an incredible controlled explosion this morning - find all the 'buiild up' and the 'blow down' here >>>

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  1. Jane Hesketh

Destruction day for Leicester's New Walk Centre

Thousands of people watched Leicester's skyline change forever this morning as two council office blocks were dramatically demolished.

It took just 13 seconds for the former headquarters of the city council to be razed to the ground, as Jane Hesketh reports.

Aerial photos show Leicester's demolition dust-cloud

This is the scene from the air as Leicester's New Walk Centre met its explosive end Credit: Mark Hall and Stross Martin plus Pilot Craig Bryan
The surreal images were taken by Mark Hall and Stross Martin assisted by their pilot Craig Bryan Credit: Mark Hall and Stross Martin plus Pilot Craig Bryan
The plumes of dust could be seen for miles across the city Credit: Mark Hall and Stross Martin plus Pilot Craig Bryan

Watch Leicester demolition from 4 camera positions

This video shows the dramatic destruction of Leicester City Council's former headquarters in New Walk from four different angles.

Thousands of people turned out to watch the 13 and eight storey towers turn to rubble in just 13 seconds this morning.

The 40 year old buildings were declared structurally unsafe in 2010, and the prime city centre site will now be redeveloped.


What the public thought about New Walk in 1975

When Leicester City Council bought the newly built New Walk Centre in 1975 for £5million, there was public outcry in the city.

The country was just emerging from a deep two year recession, and inflation was soaring. A newspaper poll found 97% of people in the city were against the council spending the money on its new lavish home.

Reporting for ATV, Bob Warman asked people whether they thought the modern massive building was a masterpiece or a monstrosity.

Leicester's 'Demolition Day' in facts and figures

A total of 4,000 individual charges were set inside the 13 and 8 storey towers Credit: ITV News Central
  • Both the towers were demolished in 13 seconds.
individual charges were set in the building in the 7 days leading up to the blast.
  • Seven cameras (including a drone) recorded the demolition.
A demolition man wiring up the explosives two days before today's blast Credit: ITV News Central
  • 25 Police officers were on site and the police helicopter was also in use.
tonnes of concrete is left on site after the demolition
  • It will take between 3 and 4 months to clear the site ready for developers to take over.

'Apocalypse' Leicester's dust covered deserted streets

A scene more reminiscent of a disaster movie than Leicester city centre! Credit: Leigh Spencer

These eerie photographs were sent in by Leigh Spencer, who filmed this morning's blast from Leicester's Pocklingtons Walk.

The surrounding roads are coated in a thick layer of grey dust Credit: Leigh Spencer
A deserted street near the exclusion zone in Leicester Credit: Leigh Spencer
Leigh said he got covered in dust - as his camera bag shows! Credit: Leigh Spencer
The shot shows crowds of people looking on from Pocklingtons Walk as the towers tumbled Credit: Leigh Spencer

Back from the dead: New Walk rises from the rubble!

As a bit of fun we've reversed this morning's dramatic demolition - so you can watch Leicester's New Walk Centre rise from the rubble!

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