Leicester's New Walk towers topple in amazing controlled explosion

Leicester's New Walk Towers have been razed to the ground in an incredible controlled explosion this morning - find all the 'buiild up' and the 'blow down' here >>>

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People in Leicester awestruck on 'Demolition Day'

Thousands of people turned out to watch the end of an era for Leicester, as explosives ripped through one of the city's most controversial buildings.

After 40 years dominating the city's skyline, it took just 13 seconds for Leicester City Council's former headquarters in New Walk to be razed to the ground.

We spoke to people after the dramatic demolition, some sad to see the towers go, most happy to see them turned to dust!

History professor predicts New Walk's demise in 1975!

The newly built New Walk Centre was controversially bought by Leicester City Council in 1975 for £5million, nearing the end of a two year recession and during a period of high inflation, attracting much public criticism.

One of the building's biggest denouncers was then Professor of History at Leicester University Jack Simmons - who hated it as a piece of architecture.

In an extraordinarily prescient prediction of today's demolition - he told our cameras the people of the 21st century would very much regret the 1970s concrete tower blocks of the past.

He died in 2000, but judging by the clip above, today would have been a sight he'd have loved to see.


Dusty aftermath revealed after Leicester's towers topple

The clear up operation will now start to get the streets around the blast zone cleared of dust Credit: ITV News Central/Jane Hesketh
Construction workers hope to get the exclusion zone lifted by 6pm this evening so people can be let back into their homes Credit: ITV News Central/Jane Hesketh
Shops and businesses were assured no damage would be caused to their buildings Credit: ITV News Central/Jane Hesketh

Leicester's New Walk Towers turn to dust in pictures

Just before the charges in the 40 year old structure were detonated Credit: Dean Amory
Floors start to buckle as gravity gets to work Credit: Dean Amory
Most of the main structure begins to implode in on itself Credit: Dean Amory
Dust starts to consume the city with the main tower now barely recognisable Credit: Dean Amory
Only one part of the smaller tower is now visible after the explosion Credit: Dean Amory
New Walk Centre is now a cloud: the whole demolition took just 13 seconds from detonation to dust cloud, the clear up will now begin Credit: Dean Amory

Incredible high-rise view of New Walk's speedy collapse

A viewer has sent in an incredible high-rise view of the New Walk Centre's collapse in Leicester this morning.

Dean Amory's video shows the demolition from a different angle, including how the larger building falls inwards from the centre, followed shortly after by the smaller block.

First you see it - now you don't: Leicester towers topple

The New Walk Centre just as the explosive charges went off at 10am this morning Credit: ITV News Central

After months of planning Leicester's New Walk Centre has been razed to the ground in a controlled explosion.

The 40 year old buildings turn to dust Credit: ITV News Central

The 40 year old buildings were reduced to rubble shortly after 10am this morning as part of a 'controlled collapse' within the site's own footprint. We'd like to see your pictures of the towers coming down - email them to centralnews@itv.com using the #DemolitonDay.


Video shows New Walk demolished in matter of seconds

This video shows the onlooking crowd watch as the 40-year-old New Walk Centre towers collapse in a matter of seconds.

As the buildings fall, dust rises up and along the streets of Leicester city centre.

The overall clean up at is expected to last until May, but the demolition team hope to have all the dust cleared from the surrounding area by 6pm this evening.

Controlled collapse of New Walk Centre successful

Leicester's New Walk Centre has been successfully demolished in a controlled collapse.

Charges were placed throughout the building which has now disappeared from the city's skyline forever. Send us your pictures and video to centralnews@itv.com - or tweet us @ITVCentral using the hashtag #DemolitionDay.

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