Live All change: a new ITV News Central set !

ITV News Central is now airing to our audiences in a new high-tech studio set. Our loyal viewers will know we've had a few set changes over the years - learn more about the old and new studios here.

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Thoughts on our new East Midlands new set

We've lost count of exactly how many makeovers we've had - but telly enthusiast website TV Ark has documented lots of our changes over the years. TV Ark contributor Lee Bannister can recall most of those - so we invited him in for a sneak preview of our latest look for our East Midlands set.


Why the new set change for ITV News Central ?

The upgraded ITV News Central set is all new to us, but it'll be familiar to you - it's been created to complement the set of the ITV National News but with the local touches you've come to expect. Mind you, that's been a technically challenging task in itself ! Here's Programme Director Pip Brain explaining more.

Video: our former programme sets

Our new programme set is here, but what about all the ones we used to broadcast from ? Take a look at the different styles from our colourful on-air history - and spot the presenters as you go along !

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