One Direction give TV interview on their future

One Direction have been speaking to ITV News Central about their plans for the future, X Factor rejects - and they answer your questions too!

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One Direction: The full interview

X-Factor has produced some memorable and some not-so memorable stars over the past decade and one group who proved you don't need to win it to make it big is One Direction.

Currently on their 'On the Road Again Tour', they came third in the show in 2010 and since then have become global stars.

Our reporter Genelle Aldred has spoken to Louis Tomlinson and Wolverhampton's Liam Payne.

One Direction Interview: Liam and Louis answer your questions

In the final clip from our interview with One Direction, we put some of your questions to Louis and Liam - and got some interesting answers!

One Direction may be one of the biggest bands in the world, but back in the sixties Midlands crowds were queuing up for a very different sort of act.

Click here to see who the One Direction equivalent was sixty years ago.


One Direction Interview: Liam and Louis on Mason Noise

In the third clip from ITV News Central's interview with Liam and Louis from One Direction, we ask them what they make of controversial X Factor contestant Mason Noise.

Noise was labelled 'arrogant' by Simon Cowell after answering back to the X Factor judge on television.

One Direction Interview: Liam on being a Lord in Scotland

In the second of our interview clips with One Direction, Liam Payne reveals that he is in fact a Scottish Lord, after his sister purchased him a patch of land in the country.

See the revelation below:

One Direction Interview: What does the future hold?

One Direction have taken Birmingham by storm this week with three consecutive nights at the Barclaycard Arena.

ITV News Central's Genelle Aldred caught up with Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson for a wide-ranging interview.

First of all - what does the future hold for One Direction?

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