Akhtar Javeed murder trial: latest updates

The latest updates from the murder trial of Akhtar Javeed, the businessman killed during a failed armed robbery at his fast food supply warehouse in Birmingham. Two men are on trial accused of his murder, conspiracy to commit robbery and two counts of possessing a firearm. Another man is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, while a fourth thought to have carried out the fatal shooting police believe is on the run in Pakistan.

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  1. Chris Halpin

Jury in Akhtar Javeed murder trial shown CCTV of shooting

A court has been shown the moment a businessman was fatally shot during a failed armed robbery at his fast food wholesale business in Birmingham.

A 25-year-old from Leicester and an 18-year-old student from Derby are on trial accused of murdering Akhtar Javeed, who was shot four times at point-blank range during the warehouse raid in February. Chris Halpin reports.


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