Fire crews battle fire which destroys HGVs

A fire in Wolverhampton has destroyed several heavy goods vehicles and their containers.

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Wolverhampton HGVs fire 'believed to be deliberate'

A fire in Wolverhampton that destroyed several HGVs at a depot is believed to be deliberate and police are now looking into it.

Credit: Dudley Fire Station

Fire crews received the 999 call of a fire at 1.37am Sunday morning. A blaze had broken out at on a scrapyard on Hickman Avenue in Eastfield in Wolverhampton.

Eight fire engines with 40 fighters were at scene. Crews used five main water jets and a hydraulic platform to tackle the fire.

16 heavy goods vehicles and 9 large shipping containers were destroyed in the blaze and there was heat damage to adjacent an workshop.

The final stop message came through at 12.5am Monday morning. Fire crews left the scene around 1am Monday morning.

Incident believed to be deliberate and police no looking into it.

– Matthew Smith from West Mids Fire service


No hazardous materials involved in HGV blaze

Credit: @FallingsPark

The on scene incident commander says that although no hazardous materials are involved in the blaze which has destroyed HGVs and their containers, people living nearby should avoid breathing in the smoke.

Five fire engines are now at the scene of a blaze on Hickman Avenue in Wolverhampton.

However, the fire continues to burn and water is still being forced down onto some of the vehicles from a hydraulic platform.

The incident officer says that despite the daylight helping progress, crews will be delayed at the scene for some time, with relief crews arriving shortly.

Stunning images show fire fighters in action as vehicles burn

The fire broke out overnight at a depot in Wolverhampton.

These images show the night sky lit up by the blaze as fire fighters attempt to bring it under control.

Dramatic video shows crews tackling fire which destroys HGVs

Seven vehicles are believed to have been destroyed in the fire which broke out overnight at a haulage depot in Wolverhampton.

50 fire crews were called to the scene on Hickman Avenue.

The video shows the crews' aerial ladder platform emptying gallons of water onto the burning vehicles.


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