Community events to celebrate life of Jo Cox take place

Over 100,000 events will take place this weekend to commemorate the death of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was murdered on June 16 2016.

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  1. Melissa Wright

Report: Roads closed as hundreds attend Nottingham ride

Hundreds of cyclists turned out in Nottingham today for an organised ride which saw several kilometres of road closed to vehicles. Four time Olympic champion Laura Kenny was there to start the ride. She told ITV News Central she'd like to see cities like Nottingham get the sort of infrastructure enjoyed by many cyclists in Europe. Melissa Wright reports.

  1. Melissa Wright

Report: Communities get together to remember Jo Cox

People across the Midlands have been remembering the MP Jo Cox this weekend by holding events to bring their communities together. The celebrations are part of the 'Great Get Together' campaign which promotes Jo's message of unity, a year on from her death.

Melissa Wright reports from one of the community events in Eyres Monsell in Leicester.


Hundreds take part in community events to celebrate life of Jo Cox

Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered in June last year by right-wing extremist Thomas Mair. Credit: PA

Hundreds of people across the Midlands have taken part in events to celebrate the life of MP Jo Cox, who was killed last year.

People have come together to take part in street parties, Big Lunches, BBQs, football games and bake offs, organised by individuals and their neighbours.

The events have been about bringing communities together - a message that Jo always fought for, and something her family wants to keep going.

More events with The Great Get Together are planned tomorrow.

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