Thousands of students collect GCSE results

Students will find out their GCSE results today following the biggest shake-up of exams for a generation.

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  1. Chris Halpin

From GCSEs to zookeeper: life after results day...

Today was results time for those who took the new-style GCSEs. For the first time they have been given a numbering system from One to Nine for maths and English.

But what's the next step for those that don't want to continue with academic work?

Since 2015 it's been compulsory for 16 year-olds to stay in some kind education or training until they're 18, which could mean an apprenticeship or a hands-on college course.

We've been to meet one 18-year-old who has followed his vocation, into a rather unusual job. Chris Halpin reports.

Changes to GCSE results explained

GCSEs in England have undergone the biggest shake-up for a generation.

Traditional A* to G grades will gradually be replaced with a 9 to 1 system, with 9 being the highest mark.

Peter Bearne explains:


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