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Midlands MP Ken Clarke: Future of Brexit Britain is a 'wonderland fantasy'

Midlands MPs have today debated the process by which the UK will leave the European Union following the triggering of Article 50.

Speaking in Parliament, the East Midlands Conservative MP Ken Clarke said he will not back the Article 50 bill to trigger Brexit, describing visions of a post-EU future as a "wonderland" fantasy.

Ken Clarke's Rushcliffe constituency was the only area in Nottinghamshire that voted to stay in the EU.

In the same debate, Anna Soubry, the MP for Broxtowe, joined others who expressed their concern at the 'lack of detail' the government has given ahead of the talks with the EU.

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Soubry apologises for 'foul-mouthed attack' on Farage

Anna Soubry has apologised after saying Ukip leader Nigel Farage "looks like somebody has put their finger up his bottom".

The defence minister dismissed her comment, made in the closing seconds of BBC One's Andrew Marr Show, as a "light-hearted remark".

Rory Bremner (L) and Peter Mandelson react after defence minister Anna Soubry's comment Credit: BBC/Andrew Marr Show

Comedian Rory Bremner, whose impression of Nigel Farage prompted the comment, asked Ms Soubry: "Are you allowed to say that?"

Mr Farage later said he was "astonished" by the "foul-mouthed attack" and insisted the minister had "stooped to the levels of crudity that any politician would spend a lifetime apologising for".


Business owners hope street party will keep business going

Businesses on a road in Nottingham which is being closed for a year to build new tram lines, have held a street party to show they are staying open.

Although business owners opposed the closure at first they hope the party will send a strong message to the public that they are open for business for the next year even though the road is not open to cars.

Businesses hit by year long tramworks hold street party

The street party in Chilwell Road in Beeston in Nottingham which will be closed for a year Credit: ITV Central

Independent shops along Chilwell Road in Beeston in Nottingham are today holding a street party ahead of the road being closed for 12 months because of work to extend the city's tram network.

A juggler entertaining children on Chilwell Road in Beeston Credit: ITV Central
Shops say it'll be business as usual despite the road closure for the tram extension to Chilwell Credit: ITV Central

The road closure for the tramworks was initially met with outrage.

But now businesses say they are prepared to put up with the year long disruption, as they hope to benefit when the Nottingham Express Transit line 2 to Chilwell is complete.

Shopkeepers promoting their goods and urging customers to stay loyal throughout the disruption Credit: ITV Central

Beeston businesses throw street party as road closes

A computer generated image of the tram stop in Beeston town centre Credit: NET

Traders and residents in Beeston are throwing a street party today.

It's in a bid to showcase the independent shops along a road that is closing for a year.

The closure is to allow major tram works to be completed as part of the Nottingham Tram network expansion.

Some business owners fear they could be forced to shut their doors because the road closure would decrease footfall. Today they hope to promote the area.

The event, between 11am and 4pm, will include street entertainment, face-painting and an outdoor stage for bands.

Anna Soubry and Patrick McLoughlin discuss local issues

Anna Soubry MP today met the Secretary of State for Transport

Broxtowe's Member of Parliament, Anna Soubry, today met with the Transport Secretary, to discuss local issues including the closure of High Road and Chilwell Road in Beeston.

During the meeting with Patrick McLoughlin, Anna Soubry also raised concerns over the six week closure of Nottingham station for improvement work in the summer at the same time as works on the widening of the A453 are underway.

Anna Soubry, said: "Patrick assured me he is doing all he can to ensure rail passengers at East Midlands Parkway have as quick and as easy access to Nottingham as possible.”

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin Credit: PA
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