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Archbishop's 'sadness' over Thatcher's death

The Archbishop of Canterbury, The Most Reverend Justin Welby. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The Archbishop of Canterbury said: "It was with sadness that I heard the news of the death of Baroness Thatcher and my prayers are with her son and daughter, her grandchildren, family and friends.

"It is right that today we give thanks for a life devoted to public service, acknowledging also the faith that inspired and sustained her.”

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Canterbury enthronement service comes to a close

The Archbishop of Canterbury has officially been enthroned as the service in Canterbury comes to an end.

The archbishop delivered a final blessing to the congregation as the procession was led out of the cathedral.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Credit: ITV News
The new Archbishop of Canterbury leads the service to its climax. Credit: ITV News


Archbishop Welby praises Midlands' entrepreneurs Cadbury and Bournville

Archbishop Welby has praised the social responsibility of the founders of Cadbury and Bournville in an interview on the day of his official installation as Archbishop.

He was discussing the Living Wage.

"What we need to seek is organisations like some of the great companies of the past like Cadbury's and Bournville who have a deep sense of social utility and social value, that's very much part of Christian teaching, social teaching, that a company is there to serve the community"

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