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Betty Yates tributes: One year on

Tributes are being paid to Betty Yates on the eve of the first anniversary of her death Credit: ITV Central

Tributes are being paid on the 'RIP Betty Yates, the best teacher there was' Facebook page on the eve of the one year anniversary of the murder of Betty Yates.

The retired school teacher from Worcestershire was murdered by Stephen Farrow on January 4th 2012.


"Where was Betty's right when he killed her?" Former pupil criticises Farrow for not attending court

Former pupil Verity Worthington spoke to Central News recently. She described Betty Yates as a teacher who 'brought real life to the classroom'.

During the trial Stephen Farrow exercised his right not to attend on some days, which the judge told the jury should not affect their verdict.

This says Verity is something she found difficult to accept.


Judge tells Farrow "You hit her with such force that the walking stick splintered"

Mr Justice Field told Stephen Farrow at Bristol Crown Court today:

"On January 2 this year you somehow got into Betty Yates's home in the afternoon or early evening ...

"You struck Mrs Yates from behind with a heavy walking stick, hitting her hard at least twice to the back of the head with the rounded, bulbous handle.

"You hit her with such force that the walking stick splintered ...

"You then arranged her body and you put a pillow under her head.

"I am quite sure that having done that, you then inflicted the four stab wounds which you inflicted.

"You left the knife in the fatal wound - the wound that was going to bleed the most profusely."

– Mr Justice Field
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