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Big Lunch to encourage people to save food

A Big Lunch is being held at King George V Park in Mansfield today. The organisers of the event are trying to show how much food the average family wastes a year.

People cooking at last year's Big Lunch Credit: ITV News Central

The feed the 1,000 challenge will aim to feed most people visiting the park on the average amount of money a family wastes a year - £700. Across the UK the average amount of money spent on food that ends up in landfill is around £12 billion.

Top tips to organise a 'Big Lunch' ahead of launch

Communities came together in June last year for a 'Big Lunch' event in Nottinghamshire.

It highlighted just how much food is thrown away. But this year the national event has got a lot bigger!

People cooking at last year's Big Lunch Credit: ITV News Central

In recent years thousands of people have gathered for lunch on the first Sunday of June. The meet is part of the Big Lunch programme which aims to encourage as many local communities as possible to organise lunches.

This year's official launch date in Sunday June 1.

Last year's event in Nottinghamshire Credit: ITV News Central

Top tips to organise a Big Lunch:

1.) Choose a venue

2.) Invite people

3.) Bring food

4.) Decoration

For more details head to the Big Lunch website.


How to cut food waste and save money

Events have been held across the Midlands to highlight the amount of food being wasted by families in the UK.

Big Lunch 2013 – an event organised by the Eden Project, aims to cook 1,000 meals with the annual money wasted per household – £680.

Alice Stechly from Nottinghamshire County Council's waste team, has told ITV News Central what families can do to cut food waste – and ultimately save money.

Events have been held in Bestwood County Park, Nottinghamshire, and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston.

Events held across the region to highlight food waste

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Credit: Simon Bell

Events have taken place across the region today to highlight the amount of food waste generated by families across the UK.

It's estimated that each household wastes around £680 worth of food annually.

A Big Lunch 2013 was held at Bestwood Country Park in Nottinghamshire, and another at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The events have been organised by the Eden Project.

Bestwood County Park Credit: ITV News Central