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Court hears ten-year-old boy began losing hair after being hit at Islamic school

Mohammed Siddique and his son Mohammed Waqar will be sentenced later. Credit: PA

A court has heard how a ten year old boy started losing his hair after he was beaten by his teachers at an Islamic school because he wasn't reading the Koran properly.

Mohammed Siddique, who's 60 and his 24 year old son Mohammed Waqar, have admitted child cruelty.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that they both hit a ten year old pupil with a stick, once on the back of his legs and on another occasion they slapped him.

The boy said he was hit as a form of punishment if he misbehaved or didn't do his work properly.

He said he was hit on the back of his hand if he didn't read from the Koran properly during lessons at the Sparkbrook Islamic Centre attached to the Jamia Masjid Mosque in Birmingham .

The men will be sentenced this afternoon.


Seventeen years in jail for man who attacked Birmingham father with concrete slab

James Macmillan has been handed a fifteen year prison sentence Credit: West Midlands Police

A man who tried to kill a Birmingham dad by repeatedly hitting him over the head with a concrete slab has been given a seventeen year prison sentence.

James Macmillan aunched an unprovoked attack on his 40-year-old victim after coming across him in Stud Lane in Stechford on 20 December last year.

The 24-year-old tried to start a fight with the man – who was walking to the chemist – goading him and hurling abuse before hitting him twice on the head with a stone taken from the floor.

He fled the scene, leaving the man critically ill in the street, and ran for cover at his mother’s address nearby.

Witnesses contacted the police regarding the incident and Macmillan eventually handed himself in to West Midlands Police in January.

He admitted attempted murder at a court hearing in June and was sentenced today at Birmingham Crown Court to 17 years in prison; he will also be subject to a five-year licence period upon his eventual release.

Mosque attacker to be hospitalised to 'protect public'

A judge has ruled that a mentally ill man who attacked a police officer at a mosque in Birmingham will spend an indefinite period in a secure hospital.

Mohmamoud Elmo, who also stabbed two worshippers at the Madrassa Qasim Ul Uloom centre, suffers from a form of schizophrenia.

Elmi, 32, of Ward End Hall Grove, Washwood Heath, was found not guilty by reason of insanity yesterday.

Passing sentence on Mrs Justice Carr said the victims had been subjected to a "terrifying and unprovoked" ordeal.

You were in a mental state where neither your actions nor your thoughts were in your control.

Having heard and considered all of the expert evidence I am satisfied that, because of the nature of your offences and having regard to your mental illness and to the risk that you will commit further offences if you are not detained, a restriction order is necessary to protect the public from serious harm.

You require lifelong follow-up and monitoring to protect the public. This is not a punishment but necessary for the protection of the public.

– Mrs Justice Carr at Birmingham Crown Court

Mosque attacker found not guilty due to insanity

The jury reached its decision at Birmingham Crown Court today Credit: Rui Vieira/PA

A man accused of attempted murder after a policeman and worshippers were stabbed at a mosque has been found not guilty due to insanity.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court cleared 32-year-old Mohamoud Elmi of two charges of attempted murder and one of wounding with intent, after he stabbed a police officer and a worshipper at a mosque in Ward End on June 15th.

Mr Elmi is set to pass a hospital order tomorrow, that will see Mr Elmi held indefinitely in a secure mental health facility.

He will only be released if experts deem him no longer a danger to the public.

Police remain at Birmingham Crown Court after taser fired

Extra police officers are at Birmingham Crown Court after a taser was fired inside the building.

West Midlands Police had to call for backup due to 'disorder'.

The device was fired at a man who then ran away from the scene.

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