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Government defends criticism with 1,000 jobs to go at Birmingham City Council

The Local Government Minister has defended criticism after Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore warned that if central Government continues to squeeze them - with cuts now in the region of 40% - it will have to stop delivering some local services from 2015/16.

Sir Albert Bore says a further 1,000 jobs will be axed at the council because of further budget cuts.

This Government's carefully considered reforms have delivered a fair deal to councils helping them achieve greater financial independence so they can deliver sensible savings while protecting front-line services, which we have backed up with £3.8 billion for crucial adult social care reform.

However, there are many more ways for councils to save taxpayers' money and help tackle the deficit left from the last administration.

– Local Government Minister Brandon Lewis

Birmingham Council facing 'jaws of doom', says leader

The leader of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore, has said the council is facing the 'jaws of doom'.

Sir Albert Bore Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The council leader said: "This time last year I spoke to you about the ‘Jaws of Doom’ and the council having to find £615m from its annual budget by 2017. I am still talking about the ‘Jaws of Doom’ and they have widened significantly."

"Current forecasts are that the city council will need to have found £840m in the six years from 2010/11 to 2017/18 as a result of spending pressures and grant cuts – more than two thirds of the budget we have any choice over how to spend."

"This year alone, we will be making cuts in the region of £120m."

"But there is also some difficult news. We will have to lose a further 1000 members of staff this year, despite a third of our workforce having already left the city council since 2010/11."

"And there will have to be further, substantial cuts in staff from the current around 14,000 FTEs, as we move towards 2017/18."


Coventry City Council: "Job cuts will impact on public services"

Coventry City Council have warned that there could be 800 further job cuts and that it will be impossible to avoid this impacting on public services.

The City Council say it needs to find £26 million to balance its books next year, an increase from £14 million.

"It's clear that the scale and extent of government spending cuts to the public sector which was already unprecedented will need to be even bigger. It's very difficult for us to make detailed predictions at the moment, as the government won't give us any figures until just before Christmas.

"We're now looking at making some very painful decisions about our services and losing more posts at the Council than we originally anticipated."

– Coventry City Council's Deputy Leader, Cllr George Duggins

The City Council have made more than £30 million of savings over the past two years and still ensured frontline services were protected, however Cllr Duggins says with the latest budget gap this will no longer be the case:

"Over the past two years we have made more than £30million of savings through our abc programme of reviews of our services. These have helped us protect frontline services and continue to protect vulnerable residents. But this approach will no longer be enough to deal with a £28million budget gap projected for next year."

– Coventry City Council's Deputy Leader, Cllr George Duggins

The Council's pre-budget report will be discussed on the 11 December with final decisions including tax rates announced in February.

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