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Campaign to raise awareness of bladder and kidney cancer

The campaign seeks to help people identify key symptoms Credit: Public Health England

Thousands of people across the Midlands are diagnosed with blood and kidney cancer every year, according to Public Health England.

The 'Be Clear on Cancer' campaign has been launched to help people spot the warning signs, such has finding blood in your urine.

Estimated number of people in East Midlands diagnosed with the two cancers each year
Estimated number of people in West Midlands diagnosed with the two cancers each year

Public Health England says early diagnosis is vital to beating the disease.

Doctor Jenny Harries, Public Health England said: "The rise in the number of bladder and kidney cancers being picked up early is important; it is this early detection that saves lives.

"It's vital that we all do our bit to raise awareness that blood in pee could be an early sign of bladder or kidney cancer, and encourage anyone with this symptom to go to their GP."

Hopes of sea snail painkiller after breakthrough

Scientists at the University of Leicester hope a major breakthrough in the fight against Alzheimer's and cancer may also lead to the development of a new painkiller, using a toxin produced by a sea snail.

We are very proud of this research. It has taken several years of hard work to master the chemistry techniques to create these new building blocks but now that we have conquered it we have access to new building blocks that people have only ever dreamed of before!

Amino acids are Mother Nature’s building blocks. They are used to make all proteins and so are essential for life, however Mother Nature only uses twenty of these building blocks. The Leicester research involves the chemical synthesis of unnatural amino acids that can be used to make unnatural mini-proteins with new 3D structures and importantly new functions.

We are actively using these building blocks to develop new treatments for cancer and Alzheimer's disease. We have also had a summer student use the building blocks to synthesise a toxin produced by a sea snail, and hope to develop this as a new painkiller.

– Dr Andrew Jamieson, lead scientist


Breakthrough in fight against Alzheimer's and cancer

Scientists at the University of Leicester have made a "breakthrough" in the fight against Alzheimer's and cancer, which they have described as "the stuff of dreams."

Dr Andrew Jamieson with Dr Boris Allard from the University of Leicester Credit: University of Leicester

Researchers have developed a new way to make "designer proteins" that can be used to make more effective drugs with fewer side effects.

The advance is announced by the Jamieson Research Group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Leicester.

Their work, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), is published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry.

Nottingham's cancer death rate 20% higher than average

Cancer cells under a microscope Credit: PA

Nottingham's cancer mortality rates are around 20 per cent higher than the English average.

Smoking related deaths are around 30 per cent higher, and lung cancer 40 per cent. Cancer Research UK are starting a new marketing campaign in the city, aimed at spotting cancer early, encouraging people to visit their GP sooner with any concerns.

Paralympian joins sarcoma campaign after losing friend

Nottingham Paralympic champion Richard Whitehead is backing a campaign urging people to seek medical advice if they have any lumps on their body which are growing - and especially if they're bigger than a golf ball.

The Gold Ball Awareness campaign was launched as part of Sarcoma Awareness Week, and warns people to stay alert for large lumps around their body - even if they are not painful.

The runner is helping raise awareness after losing a friend to sarcoma.

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