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Signs of a cannabis factory

West Midlands Police say these signs may indicate that cannabis is being grown inside a property

  • Gardening equipment such as plant pots, fertiliser and compost being taken into a property - particularly if the property doesn’t have a garden.
  • Frequent visitors to the property, often at unusual times.
  • Windows sealed or covers or curtains permanently drawn may be an attempt to hide what’s happening behind closed doors.
  • Heat from adjoining properties could indicate that an artificial climate is being created for the tropical plants.
  • Pungent smells from the cannabis plants and strange sounds from heating equipment extractor fans.

4000 cannabis plants found in lock up

Police in Dudley are investigating after around 4,000 cannabis plants were found in an industrial unit in Lye. They were discovered in a lock up in the Old Forge Industrial Estate on Dudley Road. They are describing it as a large-scale cannabis factory.

4000 cannabis plants found in a lock up Credit: West Midlands Police

Some people may be under the illusion that cannabis is a harmless drug. The reality is quite different. We know that cannabis farms cultivate more than drugs - they are often managed by gangs involved in serious organised crime. The electricity supply fuelling the heaters which create a tropical environment for the plants is almost always illegally connected to the mains supply by unqualified electricians putting neighbouring properties at serious risk of fire.

– Detective sergeant Richard Narrowmore, from Dudley Investigation Team,


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No honour among thieves

Leicestershire Police say the discovery of a Cannabis farm on a disused airfield in Melton Mowbray is one of their largest ever hauls.

Two thousand plants were being cultivated in a derelict factory and lorry container, with an estimated value of two hundred and fifty thousand pounds.

Police were tipped off by members of the public reporting suspicious activity. They believe a second criminal gang were spotted trying to steal the plants.

When they arrived at the site, they were able to follow a Hansel and Gretal type trail of cannabis leaves and debris, which led the directly to the factory containers.

Three men have been arrested.

Pictures inside the £2 million cannabis factory

Police say the factory holds an estimated street value of £3 million Credit: ITV Central

A cannabis factory with an estimated 3,000 plants has been discovered by police in Nottinghamshire.

Police say the factory was a high-tech, professional set-up Credit: ITV Central

No one was present in the factory when it was raided by police, no arrests have yet been made.

An estimated 3,000 plants were found inside the Nottinghamshire cannabis factory Credit: ITV Central


£2 Million cannabis factory discovered

A cannabis factory containing more than 3,000 plants has been discovered by Nottinghamshire Police.

The plants were found inside Langar Industrial Estate and estimated to have a street value of £2 million.

Officers discovered the plants around 3pm on Tuesday 6th November, the cannabis plants have since been removed.

“When officers entered the unit they were met with the sight of thousands of plants.

“It was very much a professional set-up that involved the use of high-tech lighting and watering equipment and paraphernalia.

“The plants are estimated to be worth millions of pounds and we have undoubtedly prevented a significant amount of drugs from reaching the streets of Nottingham.

– Sergeant Chris Jury

No arrests have been made in connection with the cannabis factory, police are appealing for witnesses.

£1.5 million of cannabis discovered

Police say the cannabis factory has around 3000 plants worth £1.5 million Credit: PA

Police have seized around £1.5 million worth of cannabis from a building in Nottinghamshire.

The cannabis factory, where there is thought to be in excess of 3,000 plants inside, was discovered after police obtained a search warrant for Alexandra House in Watnall Road, Hucknall, earlier this morning (Tuesday 16 October).

Two men were arrested and are due to be interviewed by officers today.