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Froch says he 'would've retired' if he suffered defeat

Carl Froch says he would have retired and that his career would have been over if he had lost his Super-Middleweight clash with George Groves on Saturday night:

"I didn't want to go out of my career, or finish my career - because my career would've been over, I would've retired if I had lost tonight - I didn't want to go out like that and be remembered, in the biggest night in the history of British boxing post-war, as being the loser!

I take nothing away from George Groves but i came here tonight to win! I lived like a monk for three months and I listened to everything Rob McCracken said for three months. It's been hard to put my body through pain, but if you prepare correctly you get the results and that's what i did."


Froch weighs in heavier ahead of Groves fight

Carl Froch weighs in at 11st 13lbs 9oz Credit: ITV News Central/James Clark

Carl Froch has weighed in heavier ahead of this IBF and WBA Super Middleweight world title rematch with George Groves at Wembley tomorrow.

The boxer from Nottingham tipped the scaled at 1st 13lbs 9oz, and his adversary weighed in at 11st 12lbs 4oz.

The pair also came face to face for photographs, and an exchange of words. It was the last opportunity for each to play mind games, ahead of what has been labelled as one of the biggest fights in British boxing history.

George Groves weighs in at 11st 12lbs 4oz Credit: ITV News Central/James Clark

Countdown to Froch v Groves weigh-in at Wembley

In a few hours Nottingham's Carl Froch will come face to face with George Groves for the final time, before they meet in the biggest boxing bout in post-war history.

The fighters will weigh-in this afternoon at Wembley Arena, ahead of their title fight in front of 80 thousand people at Wembley Stadium tomorrow.

Our Sports Correspondent Steve Clamp sent this report.

George Groves remains 'supremely confident'

George Groves says he is still 'supremely confident' ahead of his world title match with Nottingham's Carl Froch on Saturday.

He spoke to ITV News Central correspondent Steve Clamp after today's press conference at Wembley, in which Groves appeared much calmer than when the two fighters have previously come face-to-face.


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