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Central Lobby April - Elections and the EU referendum

Join Alison Mackenzie and her panel of midlands politicians discussing the EU referendum, Police and Crime Commissioners and the local elections.

There will be lively debate with Heather Wheeler MP for the Conservatives who is in favour of leaving the EU, Liz Kendall MP for Labour who is a firm Remainer, John Hemming the former Lib Dem MP for Birmingham Yardley who favours remaining in the EU and UKIP campaigner Keith Rowe who wants Britain to exit the EU.

And watch out for the Midlands MP who upset the speaker earlier this month with some unparliamentary language.


Tonight on ITV in the Midlands: local politicians debate the day's big stories

Credit: ITV News Central

The panel tackle three topics tonight including how to ensure we have enough energy in the future, while protecting the planet.

Here's a preview of things getting a little lively over a difference in opinion on renewable energy:

Watch the full programme tonight at 10:45 on ITV.

Central Lobby July 2015 - The fallout from the budget

Lively debate following the Chancellor's Summer budget. What's it in for people living in the Midlands?

Hear the views of Conservative MP Alan Duncan, Labour's Valerie Vaz and Liberal Democrat peer Lord Brian Paddick.


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