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University award in name of Derbyshire woman killed on a beach to be given to graduate

Charlotte Blackman was a student at the University of Derby and died when a cliff collapsed on a beach in Dorset Credit: Family photo

A University award will given today in the name of a woman from Derbyshire who was killed in a landslide on a beach in Dorset.

Charlotte Blackman died in 2012 after a cliff above her collapsed. Her family will present the award to a student at Derby University later.

Family angry that tributes have been moved

Tributes to Charlotte Blackman on a bench in Dorset where she was killed in a landslide Credit: Family photo

A family say managers of a holiday park have left them angry and upset after tributes and momentos to their daughter were removed without their permission.

Charlotte Blackman from Heanor in Derbyshire was killed by a landslide on a Dorset beach last year. The family left the items when they visited to mark the first anniversary of her death.


Parents to collect degree of daughter killed in cliff collapse

Charlotte Blackman was a student at the University of Derby and died when a cliff collapsed on a beach in Dorset last July Credit: Family photo

The parents of a woman killed in a landslide will collect her first class honours degree today.

Charlotte Blackman was a student at the University of Derby and died when a cliff collapsed on a beach in Dorset last July.

Landslide victim's death "could not have been predicted"

Coroner Sheriff Payne told the hearing that Miss Blackman's death could not have been predicted.

He said the National Trust, which owns a stretch of the beach where the tragedy happened, appeared to be doing all it could to warn visitors of the dangers presented by the 100ft cliffs.

"Sadly, Charlotte Blackman died as a result of an accident. It was a sudden act of nature that nobody could have predicted at that time."

– Coroner Sheriff Payne

Landslide victim just '10 feet from safety'

Charlotte Blackman, 22, from Heanor in Derbyshire

A young woman from Heanor in Derbyshire, who was killed when she was trapped underneath a rockfall at a beach in Dorset, was "10ft from safety", an inquest heard today.

Charlotte Blackman, 22, was strolling along Freshwater Beach with her family when around 400 tonnes of rock from the Jurassic Coastline cliffs crashed down on top of her, killing her almost instantly.

The inquest at Dorchester County Hall today heard that she died accidentally, as the result of an "act of nature".


Inquest into death of landslide victim resumes today

Charlotte Blackman, who was 22, died in the landslide in Dorset in July Credit: ITV Central

The inquest into the death of a 22-year-old from Derbyshire who was killed in a landslide in Dorset will resume today.

Charlotte Blackman, who was from Heanor in Derbyshire, was walking along the beach near Burton Bradstock in July, when 400 tonnes of rock from a cliff fell onto her.

The scene of the landslide near Burton Bradstock Credit: ITV West

She was on holiday with her family at the time. Today's hearing is at Dorchester County Hall and is expected to last for one day.

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Bench memorial for landslide victim Charlotte Blackman

The family of the Dorset landslide victim, Charlotte Blackman, will shortly unveil a bench in her memory.

Charlotte, from Heanor in Derbyshire, died two months ago while holidaying on the Dorset coast. Her family have travelled from their home to the Freshwater Holiday Park at Burton Bradstock.

The bench in memory of Charlotte Blackman Credit: ITV
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Funeral of landslide victim, full report

Today hundreds of people turned out to pay their respects at the funeral of 22-year-old Derbyshire woman Charlotte Blackman who was killed in a landslide.

The tragedy struck when Charlotte was on holiday with her family and boyfriends in Dorset, as they walked along the beach.

The landslide which sent 400-tonnes of rocks falling onto the beach happened on Tuesday 24th July, the record levels of rain fall, followed by soaring temperatures is thought to be the reason for the cliff giving way.

During the service, her family described her as a beautiful young lady who will be sadly missed.

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