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14 Candidates in final Corby by-election

The list of candidates standing in the by-election for the Corby and East Northamptonshire has been released.

The by-election came about after Louise Mensch handed in her resignation for family reasons.

Fourteen candidates are in the running and the polling day is Thursday 15 November.

  • David Bishop - Elvis Loves Pets Party
  • Christine Emmett - Conservative
  • Ian Gillman - Independent
  • Jill Hope - Liberal Democrat
  • Jonathan Hornett - Green Party
  • Dr Rohen Kapur - Young People's Party UK
  • Adam Lotun - Democracy 2015
  • Mr Mozzarella - Independent
  • Margot Parker - UK Independence Party
  • Peter Reynolds - Cannabis Law Reform
  • Gordon Riddell - British National Party
  • Andy Sawford - Labour
  • Chris Scotton - United People's Party
  • David Wickham - English Democrats


Corby-by-election: Tories set for defeat

The Tories are set for defeat in the Corby-by-election according to a new poll by a former deputy party chairman.

The poll by Lord Ashcroft found that Labour had risen to a 22-point lead because voters want 'to punish David Cameron's Government'.

Retaking the seat by the projected 54% to 32% margin would represent a 13-point swing back to Labour, enough for a significant overall Commons majority if repeated at the general election.

But the latest survey of 1,503 voters in the constituency suggested there was hope for the Tories to turn things around by 2015 as Labour remains untrusted to run the economy.