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Scratch and Sniff Cannabis campaign hits the streets

People are being asked to help police bust cannabis farms by sniffing them out.

Cannabis gives off a different smell when it is growing than when it is being smoked.

More than seven hundred farms have been raided in the West Midlands in the past two years.

Today the Crimestoppers charity has been out and about with a scratch and sniff card impregnated with the smell of a cannabis plant to help people spot if someone's cultivating near them.

Scratch and sniff cannabis cards rollout across West Midlands

Credit: Crimestoppers

Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers is today launching a campaign to tackle cannabis cultivation in the UK.

This week Crimestoppers and police forces across the country, including the West Midlands, will be distributing “scratch and sniff” cards to the public to educate and inform them about the signs to spot and detect cannabis farms by recognising the specific smell of growing cannabis.

The cards contain an element that replicates the smell of cannabis in its growing state.

Hotspot areas targeted in this campaign include the West Midlands where over 700 cannabis farms were identified by Association of Chief Police Officers across 2010 and 2012.

This figure is the seventh highest across the UK for this period.