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  1. Melissa Wright

Report: Roads closed as hundreds attend Nottingham ride

Hundreds of cyclists turned out in Nottingham today for an organised ride which saw several kilometres of road closed to vehicles. Four time Olympic champion Laura Kenny was there to start the ride. She told ITV News Central she'd like to see cities like Nottingham get the sort of infrastructure enjoyed by many cyclists in Europe. Melissa Wright reports.


  1. Chris Halpin

Police catch drivers going too close to cyclists in covert sting

The West Midlands has become the toughest place in the country for drivers who don't leave enough room for cyclists.

Today police carried out stings on motorists in Birmingham who broke the law while overtaking an undercover police officer on a bike.

West Midlands Police is the first force in the country to target motorists like this, but many drivers say it's not always possible to leave the one and a half metres the law dictates. Chris Halpin reports.

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