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Andrew Mitchell denies calling officer a pleb "I did not, never have, never would"

The Government's Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell MP for Sutton Coldfield strongly denied calling a Downing Street officer a pleb in his resignation letter to David Cameron.

"I did not, never have and never would call a police officer a "pleb" or a "moron" or use any of the other pejorative descriptions attributed to me.

"The offending comments and the reason for my apology to the police was my parting remark "I thought you guys were supposed to f**king help us".

– Andrew Mitchell MP


Mitchell admits to swearing at police


Mitchell's denial 're-ignites' row

Tory Party Vice Chairman Michael Fabricant said Andrew Mitchell has "re-ignited" the row over whether he swore at police by apparently denying it in the House of Commons today.

Several MPs have confirmed to me that AM did indeed say #pmqs "I didn't swear" (at the police). This puts a whole new light on the issue.

FROM @MIKE_FABRICANT ON TWITTER: (about 2 hours ago)

Oh dear. Labour were never going to let the story go away, but now he has managed to re-ignite it himself. Self-ignition?


Mitchell 'denies swearing at police'

Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell in the House of Commons Credit: ITV News

Ed Miliband called for Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell to clarify what he said to police officers during his altercation outside the gates of Downing Street a few weeks ago in the House of Commons today.

During the exchange between the Labour leader and the Prime Minister Mr Mitchell appeared to deny having sworn at police, shaking his head and apparently mouthing "I didn't, I didn't" as Mr Miliband said that people who swear at police should be arrested.

In response, the Labour leader said: "He says from a sedentary position he didn't. Maybe he will tell us what he actually did say."

A senior Labour source later said that Mr Mitchell's apparent denial made it all the more essential for it to be made clear exactly what he did say.

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