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Charity dinner for Drummer Lee Rigby

A special fundraising dinner is to be held in Leicester today by a charity aiming to support the widow of murdered soldier Lee Rigby and their son Jack.

Lee Rigby was killed in Woolwich Credit: Ministry of Defence/PA Wire

The charity, called Leicester’s Support for Jack, aims to support his mum Rebecca until Jack is 21. Organiser Suresh Chauhan, from Glen Parva, hopes to eventually raise £120,000 for the family of the fusilier.

The 25-year-old was killed outside his London barracks in May.

Lee Rigby fundraiser to help his son

The money raised from a charity truck-pull in memory of murdered soldier Lee Rigby will go to his son's trust fund.

Two-year-old Jack will benefit from the charity event in Leicestershire set up to raise money for his future.

The event starts at 10am today in Medbourne in Leicestershire, seven miles from Market Harborough.

It will be the biggest event Leicestershire has seen for a long time, we really would like to see the community pull together and support this great event and at the same time a great charity."

– Gary Gardner, organiser


Man from Leicester sets up fund to help Lee Rigby's son, full report

Hundreds of mourners have attended the funeral of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby.

Among them was a man from Leicester who was there at the invitation of his widow.

Rebecca Rigby asked Suresh Chauhan to come to the service because of his support for her young son.

Mr Chauhan is setting up a fund to help two-year-old Jack Rigby as he grows up without his father. He wants to show that the city of Leicester is there for the family.

Peter Bearne reports.

  1. Peter Bearne

Leicester man attends Lee Rigby's funeral after setting up trust

A campaigner from Leicester has attended the funeral of Lee Rigby after setting up a trust fund to support the murdered soldier's son.

Suresh Chauhan was invited to the service in Bury, Greater Manchester, by Drummer Rigby's widow, Rebecca, after she found out about his fundraising efforts.

Mr Chauhan, from Glen Parva, was so moved by the soldier's death in Woolwich in May that he wanted to do something to help his two-year-old son, Jack. He has set up a fund called Leicester's Support for Jack to raise £120,000 to support the toddler as he grows up.

He has already secured pledges from a number of businesses in Leicester. Mr Chauhan has also established a committee to oversee the fund made up of representatives from different cultural backgrounds.

Suresh Chauhan was invited to the service by Drummer Lee Rigby's widow Credit: ITV News Central
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