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2.8 magnitude earthquake shakes Northamptonshire border

The British Geological Survey has confirmed an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.8 has been recorded in Oakham, Rutland Credit: PA

People in Corby and Peterborough may have felt some tremors last night - It's down to an earthquake centred just across the Northamptonshire border in Oakham.

The British Geological Survey confirmed it recorded an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.8.

Oakham Credit: ITV Anglia

The epicentre has not yet been confirmed but the British Geological Survey has reported that it was felt at approximately 22.40 yesterday evening.

It is the second time this year that tremors have been felt in Rutland. In January, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.8 was recorded in the county.

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Locals tell us about the Rutland earthquake

People living close to the epicentre of the earthquake in Rutland last night have been describing how they heard a 'loud bang' and their homes felt like they were shaking.

Click below to hear what they've been telling our reporter Sarah Cooper

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CCTV shows the moment pub staff felt earthquake

Staff at the Sun Inn in Cottesmore had just finished their shift when they felt last night's earthquake.

Although there's little sign of the tremor pub landlord Andrew Leatherdale talked us through the CCTV that captured the moment.


More than 200 reports mapped of Oakham earthquake

The British Geological Survey have mapped more than 200 reports from people across the East Midlands of tonight's 3.8 magnitude earthquake.

It's appealing for more to add to it's data log, and the organisation is appealing for people to get in touch if they felt the tremor.

The epicentre was close to Cottesmore in Rutland, with people there saying they felt a big rumble at 10:25pm.

Earthquake in Rutland at depth of 8km, says BGS

An earthquake felt across the East Midlands this evening had a magnitude of 3.8 on the richter scale and was 8km below the surface, the British Geological Survey said.

Epicentre of earthquake: Cottesmore in Rutland

The British Geological Survey has named Cottesmore as the epicentre of tonight's earthquake Credit: ITV News Central

Cottesmore in Rutland has been confirmed as the epicentre of an earthquake measuring 3.8 in magnitude which was felt across the East Midlands this evening.

It struck at 10:25pm and was felt in homes across Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire. There are no reports of any damage to property so far.

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