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Park cleaned by volunteers after Park Keeper 'disappears'

Volunteers who spend hundreds of hours a year keeping their local park clean and tidy in Birmingham say they're now doing the work the council should be doing.

The group collect litter and empty rubbish bins to help the park keeper - but that role has now been removed.

Mark Gough has been down to see the community in action...


Powering the Midlands: this week on ITV Central

All this week in our series Powering the Midlands we examine how the region is at the heart of the green production of energy, and the unique ways people have found to live, work and travel in a sustainable way.

Pictures of anti-culling protesters in Birmingham city centre

They gathered outside a meeting of the National Farmers' Union, and they say farmers exaggerate the harm caused by badgers to dairy cows Credit: ITV Central
The march was part of the Birmingham Wildlife Festival and protesters described themselves as the 'Badger Army' Credit: ITV Central
The campaigners marched from Centenary Square to St Philip's Cathedral, demanding badger culling be stopped Credit: ITV Central
Bill Oddie OBE attended the festival and spoke out for animal rights Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds march through Birmingham against badger culls

Protesters marched from Centenary Square to St Philip's Cathedral Credit: ITV Central

Hundred of protesters gathered in Birmingham city centre today to protest against planned badger culls.

The protesters gathered in Centenary Square, outside the annual conference of the National Farmers' Union (NFU). The NFU says badger culling is necessary to stop the spread of disease in dairy cows, but the protesters disagree.

They want the government to put a stop to badger culling altogether.

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