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Woman 'not seriously hurt' after house collapses

West Midlands Ambulance Service have confirmed that an elderly woman who was rescued following a house explosion is 'not seriously hurt'.

She is being taken to New Cross Hospital for further assessment.

Photos: House reduced to rubble by explosion

A house in Wolverhampton has been reduced to rubble following an explosion this morning.

Fire crews had to rescue a woman who was trapped after the house collapsed.

Fire crews on the scene Credit: West Midlands Fire Service
Fire crews on the scene Credit: West Midlands Fire Service
Ambulance crews Credit: West Midlands Fire Service


Photos: Woman freed from rubble after explosion

A woman has been freed from the rubble of a Wolverhampton house after an explosion early this morning.

Crews were called to the scene following the explosion which happened just after 8am this morning.

Earlier police reports suggested that a woman had been taken to hospital, but it then emerged that she was still stuck under the rubble.

A couple of people in passing cars treated for minor injuries such as shock.

Fire crews on the scene Credit: West Midlands Ambulance Service
The house was reduced to rubble Credit: West Midlands Police
The area is cordoned off Credit: West Midlands Ambulance Service

Work to rescue woman trapped after house explosion

Fire crews are still working to free a female resident after a house exploded on Penn Road just after 8am this morning.

Crews are preparing to rescue the woman who was trapped after the building collapsed.

Emergency services at scene of house explosion

Crews from West Midlands Ambulance Service, West Midlands Fire Service and West Midlands Police are on the scene of a house explosion in Wolverhampton.


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Anniversary of Peterborough explosion

It’s exactly 25 years today that a lorry full of explosives blew up on an industrial estate in Peterborough.

One firefighter died and more than a hundred people were injured. The lorry was going to a nearby fireworks factory when it caught fire.

800kg of explosives were on board, they detonated in a yard on Fengate damaging buildings and vehicles.

A plaque dedicated to John Humphries – the firefighter who died – has been put up on the site.

Controlled explosion in Peterborough completed

A controlled explosion at an engine factory in Peterborough has been completed.

The operation was carried out due to an "unstable chemical" found at the plant. Police say all safety concerns have been satisfied.

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