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  1. Melissa Wright

Report: Tunnel built to stop flash flooding in Selly Park

Work has begun in Birmingham to build a tunnel which could stop more than a hundred and fifty homes in the Selly Park area from being flooded.

It was badly hit by torrential rains last year, but as Melissa Wright reports, work is going on across the city to protect people from future downpours.

Family finally move back into home as flood defence work gets underway

Our reporter Callum Watkinson caught up with a family who had to leave their home in a part of Birmingham which was severely flooded last year, as work to improve flood defences gets underway.

Car submerged following lorry park flooding

Credit: Stafford Council.

The lorry park at Doxey in Stafford has been closed this afternoon following intense flooding.

As well as closing of the area the council are warning residents and motorists not to attempt to travel through the water either on foot or by car.

The entrance at Pans Drive is expected to remain closed until the waters subside.


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