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Food bank could feed 10,000 people this year

Shelves are full to ensure The Well can continue to meet the demand Credit: ITV News Central

A food bank in Wolverhampton says it has seen double the amount of people being referred to its services this year, compared to last.

Caroline and Gary Price packing parcels at the food bank Credit: ITV News Central

The Well (Wolverhampton) says that in the financial year up to April 2013, they fed just over 5,000 people, but on current figures, they will feed more than 10,000 this year.

Caroline Price, who runs the food bank, says they are simply limited by how many parcels can physically be filled, as the phone does not stop ringing.

The Well in Wolverhampton says it could feed 10,000 people this year Credit: ITV News Central


  1. Sally Lockwood

Children going to school hungry, full report

The West Midlands is the worst area in the country for children going to school hungry - and almost half of teachers in the region say it's a problem they see every day.

Breakfast clubs are offered by many schools to help alleviate the problem - and with more than half of parents here saying they have less money to spend on food than a year ago, it's become a crucial service.

More people forced to turn to food banks

More and more people are being forced to queue up for emergency food handouts according to a charity that runs most of the food banks in the country.

The Trussell Trust says the number of people using its services almost doubled last year, and it believes that here in the Midlands, thousands are being affected by the recession and welfare reforms.

Fivefold increase in people turning to foodbanks

There has been a big jump in the number of people relying on emergency supplies from Trussell Trust foodbanks, with a fivefold increase since the coalition Government came to power.

The Trussell Trust charity says the volume of people needing help is a "wake-up call" Credit: PA

The Trussell Trust charity says in the last financial year 346,992 people received three days' worth of emergency food. That compares to 61,468 in 2010/11.

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