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  1. Hannah Stokes

Food foraging: how to find fresh food for free

We're a nation of food lovers - but the cheaper and fresher it is - the more we love it! So what do you say to handpicked food for free?

Food foraging is becoming more popular, with those in the know taking a countryside stroll and coming home laden with ingredients.

As well as saving money it can also mean unique flavours. It's rumoured London's famous Ivy restaurant was so named after the head chef added the plant to his dishes.

So we sent Hannah Stokes to Hartington's cookery school in Bakewell, to discover the secrets of the Midlands landscape.

Healthy eating costs too much according to research

People across the region are saying they do not eat healthily because it is too expensive, according to new research from a UK health charity.

Is healthy food too expensive? Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Nuffield Health has found more than a third of people in the West Midlands, and almost half of people in the East Midlands think healthy food costs too much.

Experts say the findings are concerning, and show that obesity is becoming 'the norm' in society.

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