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ITV News Central takes 'Youbooth' to Wolverhampton

Four weeks today, Britain will be going to the polls to choose the shape of the next Government. And with more key marginal seats than anywhere else in the country the Midlands will play a big part in what happens.

Throughout the campaign we're testing opinion with our mobile polling booth 'YouBooth'. Gareth Owen has taken it to the Conservative-held marginal of Wolverhampton South West.


Letters to be sent reminding people to register to vote

Councils across the West Midlands are reminding residents that they need to register to vote by 20 April if they want to have their say at May's General Election.

The new system means everyone is now responsible for registering themselves Credit: PA

Letters will be dropping on doormats throughout the region telling people who is already on the electoral role.

Under the new Individual Electoral Registration system everyone is now responsible for registering themselves. Students can register at both their term time and home address.

Changes to the system require all who are registering to prove their identity by providing their name, address, National Insurance number and date of birth when applying to minimise the potential for fraud.

The process is quick and easy and we would urge people to get registered as soon as possible to protect their right to vote in elections and referendums in the future.

It is important to note that those who have been registered previously may need to register themselves again now so look out for the letter in the post and make sure you respond if required to do so.

– Martin Reeves, Coventry City Council
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