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Christina Edkins stabbing: Police appealing for witnesses who saw this man

Police are appealing for any witnesses who saw this man Credit: West Midlands Police

Police investigating the death of a teenage girl are asking people in Birmingham to let them know if they saw this man yesterday morning.

The man, who is wearing a 'tiger' jacket, is believed to have been on the buses in the Birmingham area between 6am and 1pm.

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Police appeal for bus passengers to come forward

Police are urgently appealing for bus passengers to come forward following the fatal stabbing of a 16-year-old on Thursday.

West Midlands Police said there were around 16 people travelling on the number 9 bus on the Hagley Road when the incident occurred at around 7.37am but only half have spoken to officers.

We know there are a number of passengers who were on the bus yesterday morning when Christina was attacked while she wassitting upstairs.

Some of these passengers were sitting downstairs on the bus and they haven't yet spoken to police. They may not even have known what happened but may have vital evidence and it is crucial they contact us as soonas possible on 101.

Yesterday's events were truly tragic and it's extremely important everyone comes forward and speaks to us.

– Detective Superintendent Richard Baker from Force CID


  1. Jonathan Swain - Daybreak Senior News Correspondent
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Tributes left outside school gate for Christina Edkins

Christina's friends have left flowers and messages outside the school gate.

Many say she was"a kind, caring, beautiful girl."

Tributes lined up outside the gates where Christina Edkins went to school Credit: Daybreak
Tribute reads: "Christina, you will always be in our hearts" Credit: Daybreak
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