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Many leftover pumpkins make light work in Warwickshire

Millions buy pumpkins for Halloween but they're just thrown away after. Credit: Severn Trent

Leftover pumpkins have been put to good use this week in Warwickshire by being turned into clean energy.

Severn Trent Water asked their staff to bring in their old Halloween pumpkins so they could be fed to an anaerobic digestion plant.

The plant is located in Coleshill and produces 2.4MW of energy a year – the equivalent of powering 4,000 homes for 12 months.

With one 600g pumpkin creating enough energy to power a lightbulb for 24 hours!

“Pumpkins, like all food waste, are packed with energy which with a bit of ingenuity can be unlocked and turned into power.

“The process works in a similar way to us eating food. Trucks full of food waste are emptied in to the machine which removes packaging and then chews it up and digests it, much like a human body.

– Chris Jellett, commercial business manager

Your Halloween Pictures: How are you celebrating?

Many of you have been celebrating halloween today and sending in your creative pictures!

A very scary pumpkin carved by Summer and Owen in Bournville. Credit: Summer Lancett and Owen Bailey
This little one's first visit to a pumpkin patch. Credit: Karen Kateri Hutchins
Florence & Teddy Kite in Redditch dressed up as some trolls. Credit: Leanne Kite
This trio have gone for a mix of scary and cheery! Credit: Emma Woods
And our very own Sam's been busy in the kitchen whipping up these! Credit: Sameena Ali-Khan

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