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Lorry driver investigation, full report

Nearly a hundred heavy-goods vehicle drivers have been stopped and prosecuted by just one police force this week alone. Why were they pulled over? For failing to comply with the most basic rules of the road.

They've been caught for not wearing their seatbelts and using their phone at the wheel. In the latest crackdown, police in Leicestershire have been using an unmarked HGV to covertly catch those behind the wheel.

In one of the worst cases of compliance back in 2009, a family of six were killed on the M6 by a lorry driver who its thought was using a laptop as he drove along a motorway.

And now officers in the latest operation say some drivers are still using laptops behind the wheel and putting other lives at risk.

Police prosecute 90 lorry drivers in three days

Leicestershire Police have prosecuted 90 lorry drivers while on patrol this week as part of the FATAL4 campaign.

Officers have been targeting HGV drivers who speed, use mobile phones, do not wear seat belts and those who drink drive.

More than half of the prosecutions were for not wearing a seat belt and the majority of the rest were for the use of mobile phones.

One driver was prosecuted for watching a DVD behind the wheel.


  1. John Willats

Lorry driver caught watching DVD behind the wheel

Leicestershire Police have been carrying out patrols on the M1 motorway using a covert lorry to check on HGV drivers. From normal patrol cars, it is more difficult to check whether lorry drivers are wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone and driving safely.

Now they have placed a video camera in front of a lorry cab, to gather evidence on drivers flouting the rules. They have been monitoring lorries on the M1 in Leicestershire, relaying information to patrol cars following behind which then pull the lorries over.

One lorry driver this morning was caught watching a dvd behind the wheel, others were given fixed penalty points and fines for not wearing seatbelts and using mobile phones while driving.