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Severn Trent response to Institute of Civil Engineers

“We do not agree with the idea that universal metering will solve drought issues. Whilst metering is a good way for our customers to only pay for the water they use, it’s more important for us to help our customers understand why it is important to use water wisely.

“Customers in our region are very water conscious, with the lowest consumption per head in the UK. Our year-round message remains the same – continue to use water wisely as part of your everyday life. You will also save money on your water and energy bills.”

– Severn Trent Water


Temporary restrictions to "protect supply", says Government

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman said: "These temporary restrictions will help protect the public's water supply in the areas most affected by the record low levels of rainfall we have experienced.

"We can all help reduce the effects of drought by respecting these restrictions and being smarter about how we use water. Taking action now to reduce how much water we use will help us all in the future."


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Most of the Midlands is now at high risk of drought, says Environment Agency

The majority of the Midlands is now at high risk of drought this year, according to a report released today by The Environment Agency.

The report says parts of Nottinghamshire, South Derbyshire, South Staffordshire and North Gloucestershire could be affected.

This is in addition to areas that have previously been identified as high risk: Shropshire, North Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

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