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£1.5m flood defences failed because of 'faulty sensor'

Floods in Worcestershire Credit: PA

A report has found that flood defences worth £1.5million in a village in Worcestershire failed due to a faulty sensor.

It lead to 15 homes being flooded.

The defences in Kempsey were unveiled in July after a 20 year campaign by villagers. In the early hours of 25th November, heavy rainfall lead to the sensors becoming waterlogged, meaning pumps designed to clear the water didn't activate.

The Environment Agency says the problems will be fixed.


  1. Keith Wilkinson

Floods force church to move carol service

All the pews are propped up on plastic vegetable boxes at the St Denys Church in Severn Stoke. The recent flooding has forced the church to move its carol service next Sunday (9 December) to the pub next door.

Pews propped up on boxes after flooding affected St Denys Church in Severn Stoke Credit: ITV Central
The Rose & Crown pub at Severn Stoke will host the church's carol service next Sunday (9 December) Credit: ITV Central

Village of Kempsey under water as flood defence fails

A car submerged in the flooding that hit over the weekend Credit: ITV Central

The village of Kempsey was flooded despite a new flood defence system being installed.

The new flood defence system in Worcestershire was supposed to keep homes dry when a nearby brook rises.

But it's thought an electrical problem inside may have stopped the pumping machinery from working. That led to water pouring into up to fifteen houses.

Many places are off-limits to the public until the flooding subsides Credit: ITV Central
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