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Liam Byrne says his 'no money' note was 'foolish'

Liam Byrne has admitted to ITV News West Country that his note to his successor David Laws that said "I'm afraid there is no money" was "foolish":

Of course it was a very foolish thing to do.

I left something else at the Treasury, which was a Budget I'd drawn up with Alistair Darling that would have halved our deficit over four years.

That was a good plan, it was a plan that would have worked and I'm afraid it was a much better plan that we've ended up with now.

– Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne
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MP did not expect reaction to 'there's no money' note

David Laws has spoken exclusively to ITV News West Country about the now infamous note he received on his first day at the Treasury from his Labour predecessor saying "there is no money."

The former Chief Secretary to the Treasury said: "I really didn't regard it as a big thing and I only mentioned it almost by accident at a press conference that we held a few days in to the government, not expecting rather naively, the huge reaction that it got."


Birmingham MP slams new government proposals

A Birmingham MP has slammed government proposals to cut housing benefits for under 25s. He says it is a half-baked plan that will punish the young people in his consituency.

"There are thousands and thousands of young people who are giving up hope. In my constituency, which has the highest rate of unemployment in the country, people are saying they don't even bother signing on anymore because there's going to be no help on offer."

"Despair is beginning to set in amongst a lot of young people. That's why our message is clear- we would put in place a fair tax on bank bonuses, we would use that money to create thousands of training places for young people."