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Dramatic CCTV of roof collapse after lightning strike

A lightning strike that destroyed the roof of a Leicester Gurdwara took place only 30 minutes after the building had been full of people.

Worshippers at the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple on Meynell Road had been celebrating the wedding of a committee member's daughter minutes earlier. The strike happened just after everyone had left.

Inderjit Singh Panesar, the president of the board at the temple said: "We left the Gurdwara at about half-past two. We had a full congregation of 200-250 people in the morning…Had the incident taken place half an hour earlier, it would have been a major disaster.

"I am still in shock and devastated for the community. "Members of the congregation sit near the stage…So I daren't imagine what might have been...I honestly think we would have had some fatalities [had people been here]."

No series injuries have been reported, but one woman was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Damage done by debris after lightning strike at temple

A photo of a nearby car damaged by the debris Credit: ITV Central

A lightning strike destroyed a large section of a temple roof in Leicester yesterday, showering those inside with debris.

No injuries were reported after the roof of the Ramgarhia Sikh Temple on Meynell Road caved in, showering worshippers with wooden beams and roof tiles.

A photo of a nearby car damaged by the debris Credit: ITV Central

54,000 lightning bolts 'hit the Midlands and north Britain in 24 hours'

  • Netweather reported there were 54,000 lightning bolts in 24 hours across the Midlands and north Britain - around 20 times more than during usual lightning events.
  • At the storms peak, 153 lightning strikes were being recorded every minute.
  • In Leicestershire the freak weather saw hailstones as big as golf balls crash down, some even smashing car windows.
  • Half a month's rain fell in just an hour this morning as the severe storm hit across the Midlands.
  • In Scampton, Lincolnshire, 25.8mm of rain fell between 1pm and 2pm.
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