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Council website hit by technical issues

Technical issues on Lincolnshire County Council's website could affect some services, the council have warned.

Lincolnshire County Council say any calls made could experience delays or no service at all.

In the case of an emergency, you are recommended to contact Lincolnshire Police.


Lincolnshire Health Committee wants 'flawed' consultation to be reviewed

Credit: PA

The Health Scrutiny Committee for Lincolnshire is to write to the Secretary of State to ask for East Midlands Ambulance Service’s (EMAS) “flawed” consultation to be reviewed – with the committee’s ultimate goal being a return to a dedicated ambulance service for the county.

Meanwhile, the members also quizzed the United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) on its death rate figures being higher than expected and received a number of reassurances.

The decision to write to the Government was made at its meeting yesterday (March 20), after the committee expressed concerns over EMAS’ recent consultation process and its ambulance response times.

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Council spends £22,000 on catering for meetings

Lincolnshire County Council has admitted spending almost £22,000 on lunches for councillors attending meetings since 2009. A total of £21,940 was spent catering for the 77 councillors at 17 full council meetings. That works out an average of £16.76 per head. Here is a breakdown of the figures:

  • 2009-2010: £6942.77 for 5 meetings = £18.04 per head
  • 2010-2011: £6235.79 for 5 meetings = £16.19 per head
  • 2011-2012: £4832.43 for 4 meetings = £15.69 per head
  • 2012-2013(so far): £3929.44 for 3 meetings = £17.01 per head
  • TOTAL SINCE 2009: £21,940.43 for 17 meetings = £16.76 per head

The council says it is written into the constitution that councillors should be fed in County Restaurant on such meeting days but a review of catering costs is currently taking place.

Council leader does not want county covered in wind turbines

Council leader Martin Hill said he did not want the county to be covered by a "forest of the things" Credit: ITV Central

Lincolnshire County council is to vote this week on new guidance into wind farm developments.

Martin Hill, the leader of the Conservative-led council said that he did not want the county to be covered in wind turbines.

The council is set to issue a statement saying that new wind farms should not be built within six miles of villages comprising more than 10 homes.

But it's the district councils that hold the control of planning issues.

Mr Hill said that he expected the district councils to take into account the view of elected county councillors.