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  1. Stacey Foster

Alleged victim of Lord Janner: 'We can't get closure'

A man from Leicester has told ITV News Central he saw former Leicester MP Lord Janner being inappropriate with young boys at a children's home.

Michael Taylor says he felt compelled to speak out after it was revealed this week that police missed chances to prosecute the Labour peerwhile he was alive.

Lord Janner's family has always claimed he is innocent.

Mr Taylor has agreed to waive his right to anonymity and told our reporter Stacey Foster his story.

  1. Chris Halpin

Video: Three chances missed to prosecute Lord Janner

An independent inquiry has found three chances were missed to prosecute Lord Greville Janner over sex abuse allegations.

The report also says Lord Janner should have been arrested and interviewed on one of those occasions. His alleged victims were told last week their criminal case had been dropped, decades after they first accused him of abuse.

Lord Janner's family say he was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Watch the full report from ITV News Central's Chris Halpin below.


Derbyshire's Chief Constable responds to Janner findings

Derbyshire’s Chief Constable, Mick Creedon, has responded to the independent inquiry published today into the child sexual offence allegations surrounding Lord Janner.

Mr Creedon has previously spoken publicly about his role in the investigation in the early 1990s.

It remains a simple and regrettable fact that Lord Janner should have been prosecuted 25 years ago.

This report confirms that the reason he was not, was a direct decision made by the Crown Prosecution Service and not by Leicestershire Constabulary...

...As I have previously said, the decision not to arrest him and to search was not mine nor DI Ashby’s but was one directed to us from a senior officer...

...Whilst I did not carry out all the investigations nor complete the file for submission or make any policy decisions, it is clear that the evidence obtained at the time was still sufficient in the DPP’s view.

What it is clear from the report is that there were additional areas that could have further corroborated the allegations.

...I have already spoken with the Lady Justice Goddard’s public inquiry and given preliminary evidence.

I will be more than happy to give further evidence in the future.

I am also supporting the review being carried out by the Independent Police Complaints commission on behalf of the Leicestershire Constabulary and I am a witness to their investigation.

– Mick Creedon, Chief Constable Derbyshire Police

Leicestershire Police respond to findings of Lord Janner inquiry

Leicestershire Police has issued a statement over the findings of an independent review, conducted by High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques.

The report relates to the complaints made back in 1991, 2002 and 2007 involving the CPS and Leicestershire Police.

Leicestershire Police Credit: Leicestershire Police

We are aware that the Crown Prosecution Service has today published an independent review conducted by Sir Richard Henriques into its handling of previous police investigations into Lord Janner dating back some 25 years and its decision-making in those matters.

The report focuses not only on the CPS's role in these investigations, carried out in 1991, 2002 and 2007, but on the role played by Leicestershire Police, and concludes that there were failings in all three investigations.

During the course of his review Sir Richard spoke to a number of CPS staff in order to understand their role in those previous investigations into Lord Janner.

We would have welcomed the opportunity to assist Sir Richard in a similar way and are disappointed not to have been asked to do so.

During the most recent (Operation Enamel) investigation by Leicestershire Police into Lord Janner, the quality of which is praised by Sir Richard, we became concerned about aspects of those previous investigations and voluntarily asked the Independent Police Complaints Commission in 2014 to launch its own, independent investigation into the matters. The IPCC's investigation is on-going, and in order not to prejudice its work we feel it would not be appropriate to make comment on the conclusions reached by Sir Richard until the IPCC reports its own findings.

– Leicestershire Police

Report published into Lord Janner case says decision was wrong

Lord Janner died last month after a long battle with dementia Credit: PA

A report out todays published by the CPS says that the decision not to charge Lord Janner in 1991 was wrong and there was enough evidence against him to provide a realistic prospect of conviction for offences of indecent assault and buggery.

In addition, the police investigation was inadequate and no charging decision should have been taken by the CPS until the police had undertaken further enquiries.

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