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Mansfield match postponed due to water-logged pitch

Tonight's league encounter with Mansfield Town has been postponed following a pitch inspection this afternoon.

The Hereford United ground-staff have worked tirelessly on the pitch in an attempt to make it playable, but the match referee has deemed it unplayable due to it being water-logged.

Things had looked promising after an early inspection this morning, but continuous light rain has rendered some areas of the pitch very soggy with standing water.

– Hereford United FC


Mansfield chief exec: "It feels like it was stolen from us"

The Mansfield chief executive told ESPN after the Mansfield v Liverpool game:

"I have enjoyed the day but it feels like it was stolen from us, whether it was deliberate or not. I feel it should be sorted out, we put up a sterling effort and we are proud of ourselves.

"It was not in our favour and we should have had at least a replay. Handballs are obviously de rigueur in this game we play."

– Mansfield chief executive Carolyn Radford


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