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Canada 'bans' Marmite, Irn Bru, Bovril and Penguin bars

Additives in Marmite make the product illegal in Canada, according to a letter to an importer of British foods there. Credit: PA

Canada has reportedly banned the importing of British foods including Marmite and Irn Bru because of the additives they contain.

Tony Badger, who owns a British foods shop in Saskatoon in central Canada, said he had lost $20,000 (Canadian) - over £10,000 - when his shipments from the UK were seized.

“My understanding was we were importing legally," he told the local CKOM news outlet. "We’ve been declaring it through a customs broker and we’ve never had an issue until now.”

Irn Bru contains the Ponceau 4R food colouring, while Marmite, Lucozade, Penguin Bars and Bovril are all "enriched with vitamins and minerals" unacceptable to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, according to a letter from the body to Mr Badger.