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Derbyshire parents urged to check children's vaccination status

School girl being vaccinated against measles. Credit: PA

Letters have been sent to the parents of all Derbyshire school pupils children, reminding them to make sure their children get the MMR vaccine.

Derbyshire County Council has written to all parents in primary and secondary schools as part of its work, in partnership with Public Health England and the NHS, to keep the number of measles cases in Derbyshire low.

There have been just four reported cases of measles in the county this year, but public health professionals are urging parents to check their child's vaccination status, following a national outbreak.

MMR catch-up programme begins in Staffordshire

Health officials in England have launched a campaign to immunise a million children. Credit: PA

GP surgeries across Staffordshire will write to parents of teenagers over the next few weeks, offering the MMR vaccination as part of a national catch-up programme.

The Department of Health aims to prevent a measles outbreak in the county by vaccinating as many 10-16 year olds as possible who have not had all of the MMR jabs.

At present there are no outbreaks in Staffordshire.

Dr Alison Teale from Staffordshire County Council’s Public Health team, said: “Many older children who missed out on the jabs remain unprotected. The majority of these children are now in secondary school where the ability for the infection to spread rapidly is high."


MMR catch-up vaccination programme launched

A national catch-up programme to increase the MMR vaccination uptake in children and teenagers has been announced by the government.

The catch-up programme has been launched to try to stop measles outbreaks Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

The aim of the programme is to prevent measles outbreaks by vaccinating as many unvaccinated and partially vaccinated 10-16 year olds as possible in time for the next school year.

Public Health West Midlands say during the first three months of 2013, 13 cases were confirmed.

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Campaign launched to immunise one million children

Health officials in England have launched a campaign to immunise a million children, aged between 10 and 16, with the MMR vaccine following an outbreak in Wales. They warned further measles outbreaks could occur 'anywhere'.

Special clinics are being set up in schools and GP surgeries at a cost of £20 million. There's already been a worrying rise in cases in the north-east and north-west.

Medical Editor Lawrence McGinty reports:


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