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Michael Gove visits East Midland schools

The Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove has been visiting schools in the East Midlands.

Michael Gove visited a number a of East Midland schools today Credit: ITV News Central

First stop was at Edgewood Primary School in Hucknall, Notts, where Mr Gove spoke to staff and pupils and saw the site of a new classroom extension.

He's also visiting a secondary in Kimberley, Notts, and two schools in Derbyshire.

Michael Gove chats to some of the youngsters Credit: ITV News Central

During his visit to Edgewood, he defended the new Nottingham Free School as offering parents more choice.

Michael Gove is shown some of the pupils' work Credit: ITV News Central

Nottingham MP to meet with Gove over 'failing' schools

A Nottingham MP will meet with Education Secretary Michael Gove today to discuss recent Ofsted inspections which placed six city schools in special measures.

Following a series of unannounced visits in November, Ofsted decided the six schools needed help to improve its services, while a seventh was said to have "serious weaknesses".

And this afternoon, Labour MP Graham Allen - who at the time likened Ofsted's decision to a "Friday night alcohol-fuelled inspection binge" - will ask Mr Gove to agree a long-term strategy to improve schools in the city.

Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, will meet Nottingham North MP Graham Allen today Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS

Mr Allen campaigns for early intervention - helping disadvantaged children from an early age to give them a better chance at school.

Ahead of today's meeting, he said:

I hope to convince the Secretary of State that there are no quick fixes, just long term strategies which we are deploying in Nottingham to ensure that every child is school ready at four years of age and eleven years of age.


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Gove wants to bring education 'back to the 1950s'

Kenny Frederick, a headteacher and member of the NAHT executive, has accused the Education Secretary Michael Gove of wanting to "bring us back to 1950s".

Speaking on the BBC's Radio 5 Live, she said that Mr Gove has not listened to teachers and that his plan was destined to "fall flat on its face".

Mr Gove is expected to receive an angry reception when he speaks at the NAHT conference in Birmingham this afternoon.

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Union: Michael Gove like a 'fanatical personal trainer'

Schools are losing their sense of humour under piles of data and spreadsheets as headteachers are forced to "wrestle with an octopus" of government initiatives and reforms, a union leader will warn today.

Michael Gove has been likened to a 'fanatical personal trainer'. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Heads are becoming tired of constant change to the education system, and believe it is being dismantled before their eyes, according to Bernadette Hunter, president of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT).

In a strongly-worded attack, Ms Hunter will say she believes that Education Secretary Michael Gove is not a champion of education, and liken the minister to a "fanatical personal trainer" urging headteachers to go "faster, faster, higher and higher".


Dramatic schools transformation into academies

We're in the middle of a dramatic transformation in the way Britain's schools are run. The Coalition Government believes that as many as possible should become academies, in other words opting out of the direct control of local councils, and running their own budgets.

Today, new figures suggest forty six percent of Midlands Secondary Schools have already made the switch. But one city is bucking the trend. In Leicester only one of the city's eighteen secondary schools is an academy.

Announcement on future of academies to be made today

Michael Gove will be making an announcement on the future of academies later today Credit: ITV Central

The East Midlands region has one of the biggest percentages of academy schools in the country, according to new figures.

Across the Midlands, nearly half of secondary schools are now academies. The Education Secretary Michael Gove will later announce his future plans for academies in the region.

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