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Lloyds Bank to 'foot the bill' for cashpoint giveaway

Lloyds Bank have said customers who wrongly received extra cash at a cashpoint in Mansfield Woodhouse yesterday, will not be made to give the money back.

A photo of the cashpoint, in Mansfield Woodhouse, which gave out free cash yesterday... Credit: ITV Central

A spokesperson for the bank said today that an investigation into what went wrong was ongoing:

"It is unclear how much money is involved but we are aware that incorrect amounts were being dispensed. Customers will not have these taken from their accounts, Lloyds will foot the bill."

The cashpoint has since been closed, but not before up to sixty people started queueing for the machine... Credit: ITV Central

The cashpoint remains out of service.

Faulty cashpoint pays out money on demand to public

Customers at a Lloyds Bank branch got an unexpected windfall when a cashpoint started giving out free money.

Up to sixty people began queueing to use the the cash-point after word quickly spread that it was giving out free money...

The hole-in-the-wall in in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, developed a fault yesterday morning that resulted in it spewing out incorrect amounts of cash on demand.

Eye witnesses say that as word got round, up to 60 people were queuing to use the machine.

A customer reported the problem at lunchtime and Lloyds Bank finally closed down the cash point around 3.20pm in the afternoon.

Cash stash found in car

£40,000 has been seized from a car that was stopped near to the motorway.

The money was found by West Midlands Police when patrol officers stopped a VW Golf on the Old Walsall Road at the weekend.

"We have launched and inquiry into what has been recovered and the arrested man has been questioned over the large amount of cash found in the car he was driving."

– Ian Bulloch, Detective Sergeant, Force Criminal Investigation Team

The driver was arrested on suspicion of money laundering and a full investigation is now underway.

Last year, the Central Motorway Police Group recovered more than £4million worth of drugs and seized assets and cash in excess of £2.8million.


BMW shares £250m with Midlands base

BMW will invest £250 million in its three Mini factories in the UK.

The Hams Hall site near Birmingham will benefit from the boost.

Today's news follows a investment of £500 million, and means additional job security for the 5,500 UK Mini workers, said BMW.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: "BMW's ambitious plans for Mini will ensure its UK sites at Oxford, Swindon and Hams Hall remain at the centre of Mini production worldwide.

The investment of £250 million in addition to the £500 million last year demonstrates BMW's commitment to the UK and safeguards jobs for the future."