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Weekend Picks: Going Green for 2017

Various locations, all weekend, read on for charity collection option.

Credit: ITV News.

Christmas may be over and while it may have left a footprint on our waistline, it needn't leave a footprint on the O-Zone, so this weekend why not take some time out to recycle your Christmas tree.

Figures show over 150,000 tonnes of green tree waste will be sent to landfill this winter, the cost to the council to dispose of trees can run in to the millions of pounds, but the cost to the environment is thought to be much more significant.

So, where can you take your tree this weekend?

  • Coventry recycling centre, Bar Road, Coventry
  • Burton Farm recycling centre, Bishopton, Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Woodgate Valley Country Park, Birmingham
  • Whetstone Recycling and Waste Site, Enderby road, Leicester
  • The waste and recycling centre, Raynesway, Derby
  • Bourne househeold waste recycling centre, South Fen Road, Lincs

Some local charities also offer a pick-up recycling service for a small donation, so your tree could keep on giving a gift to others, well in to the new year.

WATCH: Ambulance bosses prepare for New Year's Eve

Ambulance bosses in the East Midlands say they're gearing up for a huge surge in 999 calls over the New Year period.

In the first six hours of 2016 the service took a call every 18 seconds - twice as many as on an average night.

To help manage the extra demand mobile treatment centres are being set up in cities across the region.

Phil Brewster went to meet those working through the night in to the new year.


Babies born on New Year's Day in Birmingham

Koly Begum hasn't named her baby yet Credit: ITV Central

The baby who has not yet been named was born at 06:45am on 01/01/2013. They weighed in at 7Ibs 4oz.

Mother Koly Begum gave birth at 06:45am on 01/01/2013 Credit: ITV Central
Baby Isla Kaid was born at 21:33 on 01/01/2013 Credit: ITV Central

Baby Isla Kaid weighed in at 6Ibs 1oz.

Sam Henderson gave birth to her baby at 21:33pm on 01/01/2013 Credit: ITV Central