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Month old police puppies developing quickly

Nine force puppies were born last month Credit: West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police have said its nine Springer spaniel puppies, who were born last month, are already demonstrating the inquisitive nature that'll help keep the region's streets safer.

By the time the puppies - three boys and six girls - reach their second birthday they'll be transformed into search specialists.

The puppies are called Odem, Orville, Osca, Oreo, Olivia, Olympia, Oriel, Oasis and Oxo.

Terry Arnett, Breed Scheme Manager, said: "It’s incredible how quickly they develop: for the first 10 days they can’t see and are totally dependent on their mum. But just a couple of weeks later they’ve pretty much trebled in size and are developing their own little personalities."


Police pay homage to "an absolutely superb police dog"

The oldest police dog in the West Midlands has finally retired at the grand old age of nine-and-a-half.

During Janus' long police career, he has captured more than four hundred criminals and uncovered thousands of pounds worth of stolen property.

His handler PC Dan Thomas says they have developed a unique bond while working together but Janus will now enjoy his retirement at home with PC Thomas' family.

Police pooch puts paws up after hundreds of arrests

Janus has been on the beat in the West Midlands for the last 10 years Credit: ITV Central

A West Midlands Police dog is preparing for his retirement after spending nearly a decade on the beat in the region.

Janus has helped make nearly 450 arrests in the last four years alone.

At nine and a half years old, or 66 and a half in dog years, it's time for Janus to make way for younger police pups to pound the streets.

He may be an old dog but he's still got what it takes to catch a villain Credit: ITV Central


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