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School Stories class feature on Central Lobby

Watch our "School Stories" students from earlier this month being featured on our political programme Central Lobby, as part of marking UK Parliament Week.

Watch the full ITV News Central School Stories report from the students in Loughborough here.


Election 2017: What matters to voters in Stoke?

In three weeks, Britain will be going to the polls to choose the next government and decide who will negotiate their way through our historic decision to leave the EU.

The Midlands played a key role in pushing the UK towards a leave vote last summer, In the West Midlands, 59.3 per cent of voters chose to go, along with 58.3 per cent in the East Midlands - the two biggest 'leave' results in the entire country.

Ahead of the vote we took the YouBooth to the streets of Stoke to see the mood there:

Conservatives celebrate Derbyshire County Council result

Tories celebrating outside County Hall Credit: ITV News.

The Conservatives have regained control of Derbyshire County Council after overturning a Labour majority of 22.

The final results were Con 37 Lab 24 Lib Dem 3 UKIP 0

A key factor was the collapse of the UKIP vote with its supporters switching en masse to the Tories.

It meant Theresa May's party were able to pick up gains in traditional Labour strongholds like Swadlincote.

Leader Barrie Lewis taking a photo of the final results screen Credit: I

Cllr Barrie Lewis, the Tory group leader, said he was delighted with the result which he put down to a well-fought campaign on local issues, although he acknowledged the importance of UKIP's decline.

Clrr Anne Western, the Labour group leader, said she was "shellshocked". The turnout was 38%.

  1. Alison Mackenzie

Central Lobby: Watch March's show below

Watch our political show Central Lobby as we speak to our newest MP Gareth Snell about the challenges he faces in Stoke on Trent.

We'll also find out why Amanda Solloway, MP for Derby North, thinks triggering Article 50 will be a great thing for Midlands businesses.

  • Watch this month's Central Lobby programme below.


Central Lobby February: EU Membership changes

How will David Cameron's draft proposal for EU membership changes impact on the Midlands? How are local communities preparing to receive Syrian refugees? And what did Anna Soubry MP say to upset Mr Speaker in the House of Commons? Watch and see!

Lively debate with James Morris MP, Valerie Vaz MP and Ukip spokesman Keith Rowe - Presented by Alison Mackenzie

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