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Relatives of inmates call for more to be done to diffuse prison situation

Prisoners are ‘gasping for breath and screaming for help’, as smoke fills corridors and cells according to relatives of inmates. Some are said to be hanging out of windows calling for help as they struggle to get fresh air, as a fire remains at Winson Green Prison. Hundreds of prisoners have been rioting since 9am at the G4S-run jail, with reports of people seriously injured inside.

“My brother is screaming for help, the smoke is that thick on the landing that he can’t breathe, he said it is absolute chaos. He is screaming for help and they are not doing anything. People have been locked in their cells for hours with no food.

"People are badly injured in there, I am worried sick, like many other families, the prisoners are fearing for their lives and they need help urgently. They are barricading themselves in because they are scared of the other inmates, they need fresh air, they need to get them out.”

– Inmate family member.

Another relative said her uncle was also struggling to breathe as the fire was said to have spread elsewhere around the prison.

Poll: Should prisoners be paid the living wage for work they do in prison?

A leading Birmingham criminologist has argued that prisoners should be paid the living wage for any work they do whilst in prison.

Professor David Wilson, a former jail governor, argues that the measure would make it less likely they would re-offend by 'reducing their exclusion from society’.

What are your views? Vote in our poll below.

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