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Ranby Prison: Chronic staff shortfalls - claim

Glyn Travis, Assistant Secretary of the Prison Officers' Association (POA) said today's disturbance was "no surprise" to the POA.

"It's all down to chronic staff shortfalls and a management that are hell-bent on delivering things they can't deliver safely. Prisoners are saying 'We're not dealing with this'. "They will react."



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Concerns over Peterborough Prison

Peterborough Prison Credit: Press Association

Peterborough Prison has been criticised by the Howard League for Penal Reform for the number of self-harm incidents which have been recorded there.

The charity says 24 self-harm incidents were recorded every week at Peterborough last year.

Peterborough Prison holds both men and women.

Women represent one in 20 people in prison but they make up half of all self-harm incidents.

Hewell prison: Chief Inspector says there are 'significant concerns'

Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons said the performance of HMP Hewell had 'deteriorated sharply' since the last inspection.

"There are significant concerns about HMP Hewell whose performance has deteriorated sharply since our last inspection.

Much of the prison provided an unsafe and degrading environment for staff and prisoners alike.

The prison now needs support and stability to halt and reverse this slide in performance. "

– Nick Hardwick, Chief Inspector of Prisons


Hewell prison: more than a third of prisoners say it's 'easy' to get drugs

A report into conditions at HMP Hewell in Redditch by the Chief Inspector of Prisons found that its performance had deteriorated sharply since the last inspection.

According to the report, thirty five per cent of prisoners on the closed side and 42% on the open side said it was easy to get drugs in the prison.

And 17% on the closed side and 36% on the open side said it was easy to get alcohol.

The inspectors said the figures were much higher than they see in comparable prisons.

Shrewsbury Prison set to close under Government plans

Shrewsbury Prison is set to close and a 'super prison' built in its place Credit: ITV Central

Shrewsbury Prison is going to close, along with 5 others across the country, under government plans announced today. The idea is that one 'super prison' will be built in their place.

It is part of a drive to replace older jails and bring down the cost of the prison system. It is expected to save £63 million a year.

Terror suspect released from Worcestershire prison

Terror suspect Abu Qatada is due to be released from a prison near Evesham in Worcestershire Credit: ITV Central

Terror suspect Abu Qatada is due to be released from a prison near Evesham in Worcestershire today, after winning his battle against deportation to Jordan.

Judges at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission ruled that evidence gained through torture could potentially still be used against the radical cleric, denying him the right to a fair trial.

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